One Vibe TV

Since 2008, ​through programs in music​, ​art,​ and original content creation​, One Vibe Africa​ inspires African youth toward a deeper appreciation of culture and tradition, empowering them to develop their own creative potential. One Vibe’s Education Music & Art Program (EMAP) in Kisumu, Kenya ​has kept over 500 youth engaged in positive activity. One Vibe TV is the home of fresh original content created in Africa and the African Diaspora. Currently our content include web video series, documentaries, short films, music videos, live concerts, community gatherings, artist interviews, and exciting video content. We are confident that we have something for everyone to watch and feel inspired and educated.

EMAP’s sustainability strategy is connected to social businesses that One Vibe has created including film production under One Vibe Films. Most of the content produced by One Vibe Films is shared with the public for free through One Vibe TV on YouTube. One Vibe Films collaborates with various organizations and filmmakers in Kenya, Seattle, and beyond. 

Our Impact

  • Creating full time jobs for over 20 youth in Kenya
  • Connecting Africa and the diaspora through impactful content
  • Offering educational content about African culture and music

How can you help?

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