Avole Night

Avole means ‘first cup’ in Amharic, referring to the first cup of coffee poured after the traditional Ethiopian brewing process is complete. The first cup is the finest and is usually given to the guest of honor. Avole Night is a platform where we honor young people having an impact locally and globally by making them good food, and allowing them to refuel by meeting other people like them. That’s why it’s not open to the public.

Avole Night is an exclusive monthly dinner targeting young professionals from the Seattle area who are interested in African Culture and Music, Networking, and Food. We partner with Cafe Avole located on Rainier Avenue to present Avole Night. We feel that knowing each other is the first step, and eating together is everything else!

Avole Night is invite only and it happens on the second Saturday of the month. The announcement is made through email and a private Facebook group. Once we reach 25 people we close the ticketing until the following month. Each month Avole Night features food from different parts of Africa.  Avole Night has been hosted by folks such as Simon Okelo from One Vibe Africa and Solomon Dubie from Cafe Avole. Avole Night has featured live acoustic music by Caleb Cunningham & PLH and Yirim Seck.

The ticket for Avole Night gives you dinner, two glasses of wine, music, an excellent networking opportunity, and a surprise gift for a winning table. Each month we have fun interactive questions about the specific country in Africa the night (and the cuisine) is based on. The table that gets all the answers related to that country gets the gift!

Our Impact

  • Cultural Knowledge to develop ways of relating to people
  • Support system for young professionals, especially from Africa
  • Hosted over 100 guests
  • Hosted 5 dinners with different chefs from Africa

How can you help?

  • Attend Avole Night
  • Perform or Volunteer at Avole Night
  • Sponsor Avole Night
  • Donate

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