One Vibe Band

One Vibe Band is a group of young talented musicians from Kisumu led by Antony Orege Agwenge on Bass, Biron Orore Ochieng on Drumms, Francis Jones Manase on Keyboard, Edwin Oloo Sulle and Kelvix Naukwa on Guitar,  and Nina Okelo and Cindy Opande on Vocals.


Antony  Orege Agwenge: is a based Kisumu Kenya exquisite bass guitarist who has played with different band including; Uzima Vibe Band , Creative Band Kenya, among other. Different artist both national and local; Suzzan Owiyo, Makadem, Ameleena, Collo among many others, he has also played in different; People of the Nile, Dala Fest, Luo fest, Luo Night amongst many. Now he rest at One Vibe Band.  


Kisumu based pianist who is passionate about music. Has played with different musical bands and artists including Collins Majale, Suzanna Owiyo, Makadem and Ameleena. Bands played for before include the CBK band, Uzima Vibe Band among projects with local artists. Currently plays for one vibe band and holds the vision of the band.


Is a based Kisumu Vocalist, who is passionate about music? She has sung in different events with different arts with bands including; Poetic Hour amongst many. she currently sings for One Vibe Band.


Kelvix is a Kisumu based exemplary acoustic guitarist/ vocalist .He has played with major artists like Shyro Muziki , the limericks band, among many. He has also played in major events like the Cake art affair, the Fatuma’s voices events and many others. C urrently he plays for One vibe band


Edwin is a Kisumu based instrumentalist who has performed for various bands both in church and outside church .mainly as a lead guitarist he has played for uzima vibe band and urban clique band in a span of  two years .as a bass player for the cbk music kisumu’s finest.currently playing for one vibe band in Kisumu Manyatta.


Cindy Opande is currently based in Kisumu. She is an amazing vocalist with an overwhelming talent.  Cindy has backed up artists at the Tamasha Festival .She is currently singing at One vibe band as a vocalist.


Byron Ochieng is a Kisumu based drummer .His skill and passion is admirable.He has played with several bands including :The Creative Band Kenya,UzimaVibe Band among others.He has also worked with renowned artistes like Collo ,Suzzane Owiyo ,Makadem and Amileena.His skillful delivery has led to the success of major events and festivals including :the Dala Festival ,People Of The Nile ,Luo Night, to mention but afew .He is currently One Vibe Band Africa’s drummer