Rehearsal Space

Kisumu is home to some of the best talent in Kenya, such as Suzzana Owiyo and Lupita Nyongo. What is sad is that there is no existing space in Kisumu that is fully equipped, staffed, and consistently open 24 hours for the current generation of talent in Kisumu to practice. The historical trend for talented individuals in Kisumu has been to move out of Kisumu in order to develop creative skills. Suzzana Owiyo and Lupita Nyongo got their break in the arts in Nairobi. The tendency of talent moving away from Kisumu kills the art further, because it leaves no immediate role model for younger artists to reach for inspiration and mentorship.

One Vibe’s Rehearsal Space is now open to all artists in Kisumu, and any visiting talent from other parts of the world. This space is equipped, staffed, and open 24 hours everyday of the week to help nurture talent while earning One Vibe valuable income to help sustain the organization.

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Our Impact

  • Creating jobs for 7 youth running the space
  • Created opportunity for artists without rehearsal space to practice
  • Created opportunity for artists without a band to be trained and backed by One Vibe Band

How can you help?

  • Rehearse at our space
  • Attend our events
  • Sponsor an artist to practice at our space
  • Donate