Made In Kisumu Festival

Kisumu has been historically neglected as a result of political segregation, which has directly contributed to anger among youth. That has not stopped youth in Kisumu from working hard to create innovative projects with a global impact. Made In Kisumu Festival is developed to consistently draw attention to the plight of youth in Kisumu while showcasing their achievements. Our hope is to use the festival as a platform to attract musicians, filmmakers, investors, and tourists to Kisumu to foster collaboration and showcase the culture and heritage of Kenya and Africa. Made In Kisumu Festival brings the finest musicians in Kenya together with world-renowned artists and innovators for a week of workshops, music, film, art, and mentorship.

In 2015 Made In Kisumu Festival was held from October 20th with the workshops at Young Generation Centre, where One Vibe Africa is based, to Saturday October 24th at Jomo Kenyatta Sports Ground where a concert that featured performances by the following artists was held: Sauti Sol, Owuor Arunga, Nazizi, Blitz the Ambassador, Yirim Seck, Nahna, Rabbit King Kaka, Kysh Roberts, Shamir, Lyrikali, Omena Band, Gabiroh, Seroney, Naomi Wamboe, Sosuun, and Dj Kissinger.

Our Impact

  • Over 30,000 attendees to our events in Kisumu since 2005
  • Annually reaching over 3 million people digitally
  • Promoting cohesion, economic empowerment, culture, and creative collaboration
  • Acting as a platform for artists to showcase talent, and gain international exposure
  • Celebrating the power of music and art in cultivating vibrant communities
  • Providing Kisumu with a powerful experience of music, and multimedia arts
  • Promote cohesion, economic empowerment, and collaboration
  • Act as a platform for artists to showcase talent, and gain international exposure
  • Graduate students and raise funds for One Vibe’s Education, Music & Art Program

How can you help?

  • Sponsor the festival
  • Book vending space at the festival
  • Volunteer at the festival
  • Help us spread the word #MadeInKisumu
  • Donate