Music To Empower Youth

In December 2015 One Vibe Africa partnered with Lamu County and Mseto East Africa for the inaugural Music To Empower Youth. After a week of workshops and rigorous auditions, the top three artists from Lamu County were selected. Songs and music videos were produced for them at One Vibe Studio in Kisumu. Our hope is to help the County Governments engage youth and create employment through film, music, the arts, and technology.

Youth are vulnerable especially when they are not at home, work, or in school. Alcohol and drug abuse is highest among youth in Kenya. Early marriage is rampant, job opportunities are slim, and literacy level is at 56.7%. According to NACADA, alcohol and drug abuse is highest among youth aged 15-29. Besides the introduction to cheap drugs and alcohol at a young age, they are often exposed to risky sexual activity, gangs, and other negative influences.

Music To Empower Youth is a grassroots campaign helping youth develop their own creative potential while also encouraging intercultural collaboration and cohesion. Music To Empower Youth’s effort is aligned with The Kenya Vision 2030, especially  The Social Pillar that seeks to engender just, cohesive and equitable social development in a clean and secure environment. Music To Empower Youth is a crucial player in addressing the aforementioned needs and is a nexus of artistic and cultural exchange between Kisumu and other counties in Kenya. Music To Empower Youth challenges artists to reflect critically on sociopolitical issues, and supports them to channel these observations into unique artistic productions.

Our Impact

  • Talent search
  • Mentorship workshops
  • Film & Music production

How can you help?

  • Invite us to your county
  • Sponsor Music To Empower Youth
  • Collaborate with us