EMAP – Education, Music & Art Program

Since 2013 our Education, Music & Art Program (EMAP) has kept over 800 youth engaged in Visual Art, Traditional African Music, Dance, Guitar & Vocals, Poetry, Theatre, Fashion, Photography, and Filmmaking. 

These positive activities take place at Young Generation Center (YGC) in the heart of the sprawling Manyatta slum in Kisumu, Kenya.

EMAP objectives are to:

  • Provide a safe space for youth to share stories through film and photography
  • Give youth a platform to express themselves through music, art, and build a network
  • Preserve African culture by teaching youth traditional music

Many youth in Kisumu, Kenya are vulnerable especially when they are not at home or in school. Besides the introduction to crime, cheap drugs, and alcohol at a young age, they are often also exposed to risky sexual activity, and other negative influences that are common in the slums. 

These conditions coupled with lack of role models frustrate many youth. Kisumu is also known internationally because it’s been historically neglected as it has been an opposition stronghold since Kenya’s independence and has been a hot spot during the post election violence. Educating youth and providing them with music and arts activities enhances their self-expression, connects them to mentors and creates job opportunities.

Impact of EMAP

  • Created over 30 full time jobs 
  • Served Over 2500 children and youth 
  • Collaborated with over 75 corporate and community partners

How can you help?

    • Donate $95 per month to provide EMAP fees for one student for one month
    • Donate $1,030 per year to provide EMAP fees for one student for year
    • Donate $10,300 to sponsor 10 students to attend EMAP for a year