Piga Picha Project (PPP)

Piga Picha Project

PPP is a collaborative photography & film learning experience connecting Seattle youth to youth in Kisumu, Kenya through photography, film, and storytelling, which gives them a voice to participate in the global village. Through PPP we hope to inspire youth toward a deeper involvement in international cultural exchange of ideas, empowering them to develop their own creative potential through hands-on experience & mentorship by professionals. PPP will allow youth to gather, inspire each other, connect, share ideas, create jobs, contribute to global issues, and realize their full potential.

PPP fosters collaboration between youth in Kisumu, Kenya and youth in Seattle, Washington. Helps them explore cultural heritage, wildlife, and environment through photography. Showcases youth empowerment through intercultural experiences. Broadens participant’s perspectives and enhances international creative collaboration. Film & Photography equipment are expensive and inaccessible to underserved youth in Seattle and Kisumu. PPP creates an opportunity for participants to access a camera to ensure meaningful learning.

Our Impact

  • Creating jobs for youth
  • Preserving stories & culture
  • Creating a vibrant filmmaking and photography environment

How can you help?

  • Collaborate with PPP
  • Sponsor PPP
  • Help us spread the word
  • Donate