One Vibe Conversation

One Vibe Conversation is a unique online video series highlighting inspiring conversations amongst entrepreneurs, innovators, artists, and intellectuals from the African and African American community in Seattle. The purpose of One Vibe Conversation is to ignite community building through meaningful conversations about critical issues affecting our community and the world. The topics covered include race, education, police brutality, economic development, and future of Africa, arts, music, sustainability, food, and culture.

One Vibe Conversation was premiered at Washington Hall on Saturday, March 18th 2017. The video series is now available to the public online for free.  Most of the visual for One Vibe Conversation contain a laid-back conversation-taking place on a comfortable couch at Mr. Naturalz Salon in downtown Renton. The image in the salon intentionally depicts various customers sitting on the same couch at different times sharing their views after being worked on by Mr.Naturalz.

Our Impact

  • 15 videos featuring community leaders and entrepreneurs
  • 120 people attended the premiere at Washington Hall
  • Created intercultural collaboration opportunity and free educational content online

How can you help?

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  • Help us spread the word
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