Black Collaboration

On February 21st, 2015, in the JBL Theatre at the Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle, One Vibe Africa presented Black Collaboration—a night of music video premiers & uplifting conversations about the power of creative partnerships between Africans and African-Americans in Seattle.

Black Collaboration helped inspire international collaboration.  Seattle based musicians, innovators, and entrepreneurs who attended Black Collaboration such as Owuor Arunga, Anthony Tackett, Atuanya Priester, Meg Stacker, Infinite Milam, Wael Abou-zaki and others have traveled to Kenya.  

The other purpose of Black Collaboration was to engage Africans in Seattle during the celebration of Black History Month in igniting deeper conversations between Africans and African-Americans in Seattle, facilitating enhanced creativity idea sharing.

Black Collaboration Night

Our Impact

  • Inspired international collaboration
  • Ignited a deeper conversation between Africans and African-Americans in Seattle
  • Enhanced creativity, and idea sharing

How you can help

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